The Keswick Convention or Keswick Week was a series of meetings which surrounded the Spiritual Revivals of 1904 in Wales.  God used the young evangelist, Evan Roberts, (pictured right) as an instrument of preaching and teaching.  It is said that, as a result of the Welsh Revivals, many of the local taverns shut down and crime dramatically decreased.  The Keswick Convention met yearly from 1870-current.

Early on, the convention would set an order for the meetings that would endure for generations. The series would run in succession.

1) Sin, its nature, man’s helplessness, man’s trespasses, man’s wickedness, the Christian’s sin and man’s incredible need.

2) Christ’s provision, His person and work, the exchange from Adam’s life to that of Christ.

3) Repentance, Consecration and Holiness, Abandonment to Christ, Sanctification by faith.

4) The Spirit filled life, Christ within the believer, His power and presence.

5) Evangelism and Missions as a Mandate.

Vintage Keswick Convention Journals

The X-tended Missions Network would like to thank the Keswick Convention for permission for the reproduction of the vintage Keswick Week Journals.  It is our desire to digitalize these valuable journals so that the men and messages of the crucified life will continue. These journals are for personal use only. Because these materials take many hours to convert to digital form, we only have a limited number offered here. If you would like access to the originals or issues not yet digitized, please contact our office and we will gladly grant them to you.

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Keswick Convention Journals

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