January Update

Hello Church,


I pray that each of you had a wonderful Christmas and blessings for your New Year. December 6, was a great day! We had the Open House for our new X-Tended Missions Network Office building and it was a wonderful time.  We began with a time of prayer and dedication of the building to the furtherance of the Kingdom of God. May this new beautiful facility always be used to bring Him glory and honor and reach the multitudes on His behalf.  Several pastors and  many people from many churches came out and shared in wonderful food and fellowship. All that came out toured the facility and were welcomed to come back as often as possible. This is your building! Come out and enjoy the peaceful surroundings in this beautiful location. 

I am thankful for Joe, Beth, and Rivers for helping unpack, organize and prepare the new office for the big day. I am grateful to Brandy and Belinda Barrett for the beautiful Christmas decorations and the magnificent spread of food. The conference room table was transformed into a huge charcuterie board filled with delicious savory and sweet appetizers. 


If you missed this wonderful day, please feel free to come out any day and grab a cup of coffee and sit by the fire, inside or out on the back patio, and I can assure you we will have great conversation or allow you to enjoy the peace and serenity, your choice!Here are some pictures to show you the highlights of the Open House.


In Him,

Bro.  Dennis

John 10:10

Dennis Landrum
August Update

Hello Church,

Well we are getting close, our building is almost complete. We are down to staining the floors, installing the cabinets, toilets, electrical outlets, and paint. Bro. Charlie Monsue has been a great builder to work with, and has brought in a bunch of skilled laborers to accomplish our building project.

The closer we get to finishing our project the more excited I get at the possibilities of being able to perform as an association. I know what you're thinking! What have you guys been doing all these years? One word, “Surviving.” Now that we are out from under the bondage of that huge building note. Now, instead of surviving we will start performing, we will begin to create new ministries, help more with struggling churches, replant our churches that see the need for replanting. But these things will never be accomplished without your involvement. I need your help, yes each one of you that reads this. If we all work together we can accomplish the goal of reaching more peoplefor Christ and for the Kingdom. So we at XMN covet your prayers and your involvement.

We are working on a date to have an open house, as soon as we come up with that date we will let you know. In the meantime you are welcome to come and check out the new building. I believe each of you will be proud of the new XMN office building.

In Him,
John 10:10
Bro. Dennis Landrum

Dennis Landrum
New XMN Offices

Hello Church,

We certainly have some exciting times ahead for X-tended Missions Network, 2017 is our year! We are out of debt from selling the building, “as Is” I might add. Only God could do something like that! He gets all the GLORY!  I’m very excited about this next season of XMN. On August 15th, I shared with my Administrative Team the vision the Lord had given me for the next XMN building. After hearing the vision, the team voted 100% to take this matter to the Executive Team, which consist of all Pastors and 1 representative from our 67 churches. On October 12th, the Executive Team voted unanimously to build the new office for XMN at the Training Center and I couldn't wait to share with you, “The Church.”

            After looking at several options in the Hernando area, I had asked months ago for the Administrative Team to commit to praying with me that God would show us where our office needed to be located. After months of prayer, I believe that the Lord has confirmed that we need to build on the Ervin Brown Training Center Property. After I shared this with our Admin team and several pastors, all of them agreed that Interstate 69 has made the EBTC much more accessible.

            Another blessing came when one of the pastors called and said, “I have your mission team.” I didn't understand what he was talking about so I said, “Can you tell me what you mean?” He then asked that I come to his church that night for Wednesday night service. I agreed to do as he asked. I have to admit on the way to the church I think I had a dozen ideas running through my head about what this pastor meant. When I arrived at the church, the pastor met me in the foyer and explained that he had put together a team to build the office at the EBTC at no cost for labor. I said, “Wow! Are you kidding?” He said, “No, I’m not kidding, we will build it for you, labor free. You buy the materials.” I was flooded with joy and emotion. Never could I have imagined that God would bless us so abundantly! Talk about confirmation! After church was over and I was riding home, I began to think about other churches in our association that would possibly want to help and have mission teams to help with this project. If the missions teams from our churches would help then that would certainly keep us out of debt, but also it would build unity plus it would give our churches a sense of ownership in our Association because they helped build it.

            The Administrative Team made several suggestions. One was to hire a project manager for this build so that I can still do my job. Second, was to go ahead and build the two apartments for displaced missionaries and pastors. Third, they asked me to hire an architect to design the building. Later, I took my ideas to the architect, It would be very easy for us to build a rectangle metal building and petition off some offices for us, but I want us to have something that you will be proud of and that is inviting so that when you come to visit you won’t want to leave.  In the past couple of years, we have not had the money to have the Pastor’s Conferences and our Executive Meetings have been poorly attended, so as part of us moving to the EBTC we would start having our meetings in our churches.


The meetings will look something like this:

11:00 Pastor’s Conference

11:45 Host Pastor speaks

12:00 Fellowship together

12:45 Executive Meeting


The meal will be provided by the host church, but I would provide the speaker and the music if needed. I believe this could help us as the church in so many ways. This allows the pastors to see where other pastors are serving. We would see the needs of that smaller church in hopes to help out. I’m very excited about these meetings, which will be: January 25th @ Desoto Woods, Pastor Willie Means, April 26th @ Arkabutla Baptist Church, Pastor Nick Sundusky, July 26th @  Cedar View Baptist Church, Pastor Matt Moore, and October 11th @ Love Community, Pastor Randy Nelson. This is the schedule for 2018.   These meetings are for Pastors and Representative of the church.


I believe Christ is honored when we, as the church, come together to accomplish His goal not our goal.  Every one of our churches have so much to offer. Please let us know as soon as possible how you can help in the following areas of the building process:


  • Rough sketch/ detailed drawings_______________
  • Building permits--planning commission _____________
  • Break ground--site work, excavating trees moving dirt ______________
  • Foundation-forming concrete, roughing plumbing, rebar in footing, post holes ___________
  • Foundation inspection ______________
  • Pour slab _____________
  • Deliver framing package _____________
  • Framing ______________
  • Exterior Windows and doors, exterior moister barriers ______________
  • Deliver exterior metal siding and roofing ______________
  • Install metal roof and siding ______________
  • Rough in plumbing _____________
  • Rough in electrical, low voltage, phone, computer etc. _______________
  • Rough in HVAC __________________
  • Framing inspection ____________
  • Foam insulation/ batts ___________
  • Drywall, hanging, muddling, sanding, primer ____________
  • Installing trim, base, window, interior doors _____________
  • Paint ______________
  • Final HVAC, grills, registers ___________
  • Cabinets/ shelving ____________
  • Flooring _____________
  • Finish plumbing ____________
  • Finish electric, lighting, electrical panel, receptacles ___________
  • Landscape, sidewalks _____________
  • Punch list, final walk through, clean up ____________
  • Final inspection ______________

            I am waiting for your call! I need to hear from you!


Thank you and may God abundantly bless each of you!


Bro. Dennis

John 10:10

Dennis Landrum